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Your pet will appreciate this purchase! You will never again have excess hair in your home if you use the hair extraction comb.
Suitable for medium and large animals. Adult cats and dogs.
Works great on all spills, long and short haired dogs, cats, etc.
 This comb features sharp hardened steel serrated blades that can tackle large amounts of uncontrollable hairs and tough tangles quickly and efficiently while maintaining coat length.

Suitable for pet hair care and daily massage, make your pet hair more shiny


Reducing the amount of hair loss.

Prevent hair knotting.

Timely detection of trauma and skin diseases.

Make pets more beautiful.

Promote the blood circulation of pets.

The metal blade is matched with a solid wood handle, which is made through multiple processes and is designed for plucking terrier dogs. Such as Schnauzer, Dandie Dingmeng Terrier, Scottish Terrier, West Highland White Terrier, Airedale, Kellyland Terrier, Bullhead Terrier and Bellington Terrier and so on.

Function: Terrier dog plucking tool, regularly plucking hair, removing dead hair, and speeding up the growth of new hair, in order to meet the requirements of terrier dog hair quality. We provide you with pet plucking comb that can be used in the right hand. The specially designed solid wood handles are non-slip and comfortable in the hand, which will not make you feel tired.

The plucking cycle: It is recommended to be divided into four steps: In the first week, pull out the furs on the back flexion of the dog; in the second week, start from the lower end of the skull and expand to the abdomen, back to thighs. This is to make the dog’s back hair grow smoothly; in the third week, pull down along the ear roots to the front paws; in the forth week, pull out the hair on the neck and head



Material: Walnut & Stainless Steel

Size:Left-hand use: 15.8 x 2.5cm / Right-hand use: 17 x 2.1cm

Weight: Left-hand use: 35g / Right-hand use: 36g

Package includes: 1 x PET HAIR REMOVAL COMB

Customer Reviews:


Thank you very much. I’ll use it. Good knife. Very comfortable. 




I groom my Jack Russell Terrier at home, she seems to actually enjoy this stripping knife more than her regular comb! I’m no professional , but I will say that it’s sturdy, feels heavy and luxurious in the hands, and most importantly- gets the job done❣️ 


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